Best Online Slots UK

Best Online Slots UK

Best Online Slots UK – The UK can rightfully be called the homeland of iGaming. This is so not so much because of any particular historic connection with the industry, but rather because the United Kingdom is the most developed market when it comes to online casino games. Which are then the best online slots in the UK people play these days? 

We have arrived at the conclusion by looking into the traffic, promotions, and general social media and forum buzz about particular gaming titles. Here it is, a list of the most popular casino games in the UK. 

Best Online Slots UK – Starburst

Starburst has successfully managed to inspire thousands of players. This NetEnt game has a very basic layout and it certainly isn’t the highest paying one in the industry. Yet, it combines stunning visuals with fun and entertaining gameplay. 

There’s an “Expanding Wilds” feature that makes entire reels to be covered with Wild Symbols, which leads to a significant profit boost in the short and long term. The gameplay is quite straightforward and you can benefit from an Auto Play feature which will allow you to have a few spins without having to click on the “Spin” button every time. 

The RTPs are 96%, but you can land a great single-spin win to the tune of 50,000 coins, quite the amount indeed. For this and more, Starburst remains an all-time UK favourite.

Age of Gods

Looking for an awesome game and possibly one of the best online slots in the UK? Age of Gods is the title that you need to check out immediately. The game is focused on a familiar topic – ancient deities who are for the nonce trying to provide you with a shortcut to fame and riches, asking nothing in return.

Developed by Playtech, Age of Gods is easily one of the favourite games that UK gamers have ever laid eager fingers on. Enter the world of the 5-reel 20-line slot where your winnings can reach 200x of your original stake. There is something to find here for each player – whether it’s the bonus level that comes with four free games modes or the progressive jackpots that promise solid returns.

Get to play on the side of your favourite deity, be that Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, or Hercules. Get to stake up to 500 coins at a single spin and reap some divine rewards in the process. 

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones doesn’t stop rocking the world. With the latest and last season now airing on HBO, gamers in the UK do need a way to pass the time awaiting the latest episode. Microgaming’s slot is easily one of the most played games out on the market and it comes with 243 different way to turn a profit. 

You can bet at as little as £0.15 a spin or push your bet all the way up to £3. The game is fully compatible with all popular casino platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. The bonus features are inspired by the show itself so every time you crack open a bonus level, you may be representing one of the houses in the show, including the Baratheon, Westeros, Stark, or Targaryen.

Each linage will bring you different treats and chances are, you will get to enjoy the majority of options. There is a gamble feature that will let you stake your money – double or nothing – and give you an opportunity to increase your winnings by doubling up on your bet four times! The Microgaming slot is just as exciting as the show itself.

Thunderstruck II

Who is ready to throw down hammers with Thunderstruck II. This is a game that will send ripples across the firmament of your gaming session and land you as many as 20,000 coins. All the Nordic gods will come to your help. There’s Loki, Odin, Thor, and of course the Valkyries that take the slain warriors to the eternal halls of Valhalla.

In your case, however, the arrival of the Valkyries will fetch you some extra profit coming from all high. There are all sorts of symbols to keep the profits rolling the ThunderStruck II, the Ship, and Thor’s Home. 

The game combines excellent visuals with a great story line and every time you trigger one of the bonuses, you will work towards even a better bonus level. Each time you trigger games, you will be allowed to access a better level of the game itself.

With this in mind, the longer your actual gaming sessions are, the better dividends you will reap out of your game. This alone puts ThunderStruck II high up on our list of the best online slots in the UK.

Book of Ra 

Book of Ra is most certainly one of the top games you can be playing in the UK! Novomatic has been bringing out various iterations of the slot game for years now, and each one comes with top-notch animations, visuals, audio, and of course – great payouts.

Depending on the version you end up playing with, you will notice a slight variation in the available paylines. To be honest, though, the Deluxe version of the game comes with just a single pay line extra, which is no big deal. 

The visuals are somewhat touched-up though and there are a few more animations to make your experience slightly more enjoyable than the predecessors. The RTP is 95.1% and there are additional ways to boost your overall gains.

Best Online Slots UK – Conclusion 

The best online slots in the UK aren’t always in plain sight, but if you nudge the games you will find first, you can quickly get quite the list of titles that will bring you a lot of joy if you choose to play them. A great game will offer you all that you have ever asked for – great winning scenarios along with captivating gameplay. We believe to have provided you with a quick guide to the five best slot titles in the UK right now. Don’t miss out.


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