Best Slot Bonus Games

best slot bonus games

Best Slot Bonus Games – We often pick the best casino games in terms of how much profit we can make, but do we think about how entertaining the product is? Thankfully, today we seldom have to choose between the two, as there are games that will provide you with both big winnings and entertaining levels to enjoy.

We have decided to explore the products that offer the best slot bonus games – from Jumanji, to Aliens, to Hot as Hades, there are lots of awesome titles to check out!

Best Slot Bonus Games – Jumanji – A Top Choice for All Gamers 

One of the games to offer the most intriguing bonus levels of all times is of course Jumanji. Introduced by NetEnt recently, this game puts the bar high for all titles that want to create an engaging and different experience. In the past, we were used to getting extra spins during our bonus levels but with Jumanji, you get to benefit from all sorts of great bonuses

There are four distinct features that will make you enjoy every single spin. The outcomes are quite different every time you press the “Spin” button, courtesy of Sticky Vines, Monkey Mayhem, Rhinos in the Wild Stampede, Monsoon Wild, and others.

There is a second screen game that will completely flip the gaming experience and introduce you to the Jumanji board game that is designed to provide you with even better options to win. Looking for the best slot bonus games in 2021? Jumanji should come way up on top of your list!

Aliens – An Out-of-this-World Experience 

Aliens are one of the most innovative products on the market today. You will quickly notice that the game provides a specific bonus game that you will simply not find anywhere else. Another NetEnt favourite, this game definitely redefines what it means to play online slot games and enjoy yourself in the process.

The slot allows gamers to enter a special bonus level where you will be armed with a space rifle and attempting to shoot down the Aliens. The Aliens are inspired by the namesake movie, which tells the story of a group of explorers who encounter a belligerent parasitic life form that invades their ship. 

This slot’s bonus game allows you to roam around freely and shoot down the enemy species. The aliens will be coming in waves and your munitions are precious few, so you will have to make sure that your marksmanship is on point. 

The ultimate goal here is to shoot down the queen. It’s definitely a very ambitious game and it has been executed brilliantly. If you are looking for something that completely differs from the other slot games that you have experience, you will definitely want to give Aliens a shot – just remember, your ammunitions are limited.

Hot as Hades – The Choice Is Yours

Speaking of the best slot bonus games, Microgaming’s Hot as Hades is definitely one of a kind. The slot is one of the earliest games to adopt an independent 3D character that will hop over the entire process. The bonus games are quite amusing indeed. You will have little Hades climb all the way up to Mount Olympus by making decisions in the bonus game.

With each level, the profits that you can crack open will increase and you will get to experience even more exciting ways to win big. Hot as Hades is a lovable animated slot game, which will make you fall in love with it. The narration, visuals, sound, and not least of all – the bonus game, are quite sophisticated and enjoyable. 

The Invisible Man – Visible Profits 

Here comes another top game by NetEnt. The Invisible Man has an eerie feeling about it but any uneasiness will be settled once you enter the bonus level, which will allow you to make your own luck. You get to choose from items of various value and ensure that you get to earn a little extra. 

The bonus level in the invisible man will take you to different locations. You get to explore the Lion’s Head Inn, the Mansion, and Epping Station amid colourful animations that will keep you focused on the action on the screen. 

It’s not just about the fantastic bonus level though. When you get a Wild Symbol in the Invisible Man, it will start moving across the reels and you will get re-spins. Each time the Wild Symbol will move to the right until it’s clear out of the field, helping you win small and big. 

The Wild Collision feature is indeed quite awesome and it feels like a genuine bonus level on its own. Play Invisible Man to experience some of the best slot bonus games in the industry in 2021!

Jurassic Park Slot 

Have you ever wanted to be chased by a giant T-Rex? Wonder what it feels like. Well, it sucks and at the same time, it’s a lot of fun. Thanks to Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot we may now know what it feels like to be chased by an enraged primordial predator – arguably the Earth’s most dangerous land animal to have ever wondered the world.

Playing Jurassic Park slot can be loads of fun and the bonuses you can win will stretch up to several millions this is why it’s particularly important to always stay focused and hope to land the T-Rex alert feature which will grant you a few dozen Wild Symbols for you to enjoy.

Speaking of potential winnings, this is definitely one of the best offers that you will ever get lined up on your reels and we welcome you to give it a fair go. 

Best Slot Bonus Games – Conclusion

Looking for the best slot bonus games? Well, here we have listed five of the titles that will most likely turn your gaming experience around! Make sure to give these a go and see how your bankroll will expand with every single spin. All you need to do is get to the bonus level – once you are there, you are in big money land!


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